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A selection of our most popular Christmas trees. Within this category you will be able to find products, that have stolen the hearts of our clients. The trees we are talking about are not only popular, but easy to use and simply perfect. 

Top quality 

It isn’t always the case when saying, popular must mean high quality. However in the case of our products, despite the fact if its selling really well or not, we treat each one with the same amount of attention and attention to detail and finishing touches. The bestseller collection is our pride and joy, just as much as other items from our wide range of products. On the other side,  managing such statistics is very important to us as well can learn of any new shopping trends, discover out clients likes and dislikes and adjust our products accordingly. 

Year after year artificial Christmas trees are becoming more and more popular. It is still the case for many people, to wonder whether it’s worth to invest in an artificial Christmas tree over a real tree. On one hand the natural smell of a spruce or pine tree can bring froth the memories of past Christmas as soon as you enter your home or office. On the other hand such a choice is not very ecological and economical. What should you choose? The answer can be found in the offer by ADAL, which manufactures giant type trees – mainly used to decorate large open spaces, as well as smaller trees dedicated for your homes and offices. 


Among the most popular tree we offer, the trunk based variant is considered to be our flagship product. They create such a big commotion around themselves mainly because of their looks and unquestionable style. The effective trunk is natural, looks like bark and is associated with stability. It is a very good association, as a tree with a main trunk is usually very stable and durable, be it an outside space or an interior, you can use one wherever you like and be entirely sure of its durability and safety. 

Popular trees 

Christmas decorations should not only be aesthetical and elegant, but stay with the times as well. When thinking of Christmas trees, the most popular models turn out to be, modern trunk based trees, which have been, first and foremost, adored by children. A tree of this type has a natural, yet designer look. Thanks to the fact that their branches don’t start at the strict bottom, but from a certain height, such a model will take up significantly less space and is entirely safe when thinking of the smallest customers. Trunk based trees will work wonders in homes and especially those that are very modern in style as well as nature inspired interiors, as they look as if plucked from a forest.