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Our best artificial Christmas trees in incredibly low prices. Such occasions don’t happen often so make sure to take advantage, when you can! Within this category you will find some of our most distinguished products in great prices. The discounted amount is visible right next to the original price. 

Artificial trees is amazing prices 

Year after year, artificial Christmas trees have been gaining popularity. However, a lot of people still wonder whether an artificial Christmas tree is the right investment over a live, natural tree. Arguments for, and against such a solutions are all very strong. On one had the natural smell of pine or spruce trees is incomparable and sets a strong, Christmassy mood in your home or office. On the other hand such a choice is neither economical or, even worse, ecological. What should you decide on? The answer can be found in the offer by ADAL, which has been manufacturing artificial Christmas tree for over 20 years, including trees of the Giant type – mainly created for large public open spaces such as squares and plazas or shopping malls, or smaller trees for your home and office. Whatever you may be looking for, within our “sale” category you will surely be able to find a wonderful, discounted Christmas tree for you. 

Safety and Quality for a low price 

All of the models found in the “sale: category on our store come with appropriate safety certificates given by American and European laboratories. Artificial trees are not only associated with quality, but also higher safety standards. Unlike live, natural trees, artificial Christmas trees are made out of synthetic materials and therefore are not considered a fire hazard. It should be remembered that dry branches mixed with LED lights, which when turned on produce substantial amounts of heat, can be the cause of a very serious fire. This is exactly why manufacturers of LED lights warn us every time they can, not to leave Christmas lights turned on when leaving you home, apartment or office, in the case of artificial Christmas trees, this danger is almost completely nullified, and lights can happily illuminated out decorations at all times. 


Artificial pines and spruces also mean some serious savings for you during such an expensive time of the year. You won’t have to go to yet another shop, and buy yet another tree, which will be discarded after the festive season is over. Artificial Christmas trees, made with polyethylene can be used for many years, and during that time stay just as green as the day you bought them. Thanks to the offer of discounted Christmas tree you can save an additional amount of money, which can be spent on even more festive decorations. Thanks to this solution, Christmas time will become even more magical for you and your family.