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Decorative elements 

This category contains other decorative elements such as royal stars, hedgehog spheres and ornaments which will allow you to create a light, subtle traditional composition. These elements can be hanged on ceilings, walls and building elevation. 

An alternative to the Christmas tree 

Decorations, based on artificial pine needles, can be a perfect investment for life. As a decoration they will remain the same in terms of colour and shape meaning you can use them as a base for other elements or by themselves for many years to come. Polyethylene , which we used in the manufacturing process of our artificial pine needles, and therefore everything else we make, can be fully recycled, which lowers the negative impact on the environment it originally had during production. And thanks to its longevity, only after 3 years the negative impact in fully negated, when compared to buying a fresh natural tree each year. This is because the co2 emissions during a production of an artificial tree are around 3 times larger than those released during the growth of a natural tree.  


It is important to remember, that dried up branches of a natural tree, can catch fire when mixed with LED lights, that tend to heat up during long periods of usage creating a serious fire hazard for you and your family. Because of this, Christmas light manufacturers  take every opportunity to remind us of this act and advise not to leave said lights on when you leave the house. In the case of artificial decorations, this hazard is almost completely eliminated, and LED lights can illuminate your Christmas decorations for as long as you wish. 


Christmas is a magical time that we wait for each year to enjoy. Once it passes, it’s time to clean up any mess that has been made by decorations or family. Thanks to our artificial decorations, there will be one less thing for you to worry about. Compared to natural trees, which unfortunately loose pine needles as they grow old, they will stay just a beautiful as the day you bought them. Meaning less cleaning for you and more time to enjoy a good book or a movie. Additionally they can be quickly packed up and stored away to be used net year. 

Aesthetic decorative element 

During the process of decorating our homes just before Christmas time, we often have a feeling that, a single Christmas tree will not be enough. Surfaces free from decorations can be filled up with our artificial decorations, with additional elements which will match your vision, such as baubles or LED lights. Our decorations  themselves are a wonderful decorative element which adds a bit of the traditional, festive character to any surface it touches. It has been becoming more and more popular with restaurants, administration buildings, offices and also our homes, where you will most commonly find them on a door, welcoming your guests, foretelling the amazing decorations inside. 

For homes and offices 

More and more people choose to select synthetic decorations for their homes and apartments. Artificial pine needles, in no way looks worse than their natural counterpart, and in many cases it is way more comfortable. You won’t have to maintain it daily or worry about pine needles falling on the floor, which requires regular cleaning. For the same reasons, artificial festive decorations are a hit when talking about office space. Once bought, an artificial product can be safely stored away, once Christmas is over, and re used next year. This also means huge savings for you household as you won’t have to buy fresh, natural decorations each year. 

An option for people with allergies 

The purchase of our decorations has one, very important advantage for a group of people that have problems with different types of allergens.  Our garlands does not give off resin or pollen, which are a common cause for allergic reactions for many people. This cannot be said about natural decorations, meaning some people won’t enjoy a green Christmas. By selecting one of our products you can create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere and not have to worry about a thing.  Thanks to this you can spend your Christmas in peace, not having to worry that one of our quests has an allergic reaction, or even worse someone from your close family.