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ALPINE SPRUCE Christmas tree up to 240 cm 

Artificial ALPINE SPRUCE Christmas tree up to 240 cm. An original Christmas tree for extraordinary individuals that wish to pour their character onto their Christmas decoration, and by extension their homes as well. Unusual and stylish trunk and stand are both made out of wood, bringing style to every interior. 

Alpine Spruce up to 240 cm

Inspired by wonderful landscapes of the highest mountain range found in Europe, we have created a unique model of an artificial Christmas tree – alpine spruce. The soaring form this this Christmas tree  and the delicate, slightly longer branches, which point downwards reference the flora of the region. Additionally the use of wood for the trunk and stand allows for the tree to look perfectly natural. The quality of each and every recreated pine needle in each and every branch amplifies the WOW effect. Beautiful, deep green colour of this tree, thanks to the additional positioning of needles and branches, it perfectly reflects lights, which creates an interesting 3D effect. This in turn creates a magical atmosphere around the tree, and can serve as a background to further decorations such as LED lights, baubles or colourful garlands. 


By buying an artificial Christmas tree for your home instead of a live pine tree, we don’t diminish our environment of its precious flora and allow it to continue to serve mother nature. Additionally the purchase of artificial tree of a high quality, guarantees magical Christmas for a good couple of years, which reduces the production of harmful gases, for example during the car trip to buy a fresh tree and back to the forest where it should be replanted. Sadly most people don’t replant and instead simply discard a tree once its served its purpose. Our Christmas trees are created out of Polyethylene, a material which is fully recyclable. 

Order in your home

Artificial Christmas Trees created by ADAL not only look great and last for many years, but are also very simple to assemble and dismantle allowing for easy and simple storage. Thanks to their production quality, they won’t lose their pine needles, which will make life much easier for everyone. Because as we all know, once the winter season is over there is a big list of cleaning to be done, not having to worry about your Christmas tree is a big load of the shoulders. You can enjoy the time you would normal waste on cleaning up after a natural Christmas tree. 

Magical Christmas in every room 

Thanks to the fact that this tree takes up significantly less space, not just because of its size but the base diameter as well, it can be used in virtually any room, without the need to consider its size. Thanks to the wide range of tree sizes found in the offer by ADAL, you can adjust your purchase based on your individual needs, likes and dislikes.